lenny pozner

Leonard Pozner Online Cyber Stalker, Impersonator, Hoaxer, Scam Artist, Child Stalker & Bully of Boca Raton, FL

Say Hello to the only Sandy Hook Parent that makes a living off of trolling and playing victim.

Eliezer Pozner
Age: 49
Location: Boca Raton, FL
Height: 5'7

Lenny Pozner stalks an 11 yr old girl, the niece of a man he's harassing. Who's NOT a Sandy Hook Truther

Lenny Pozner continues to stalk 11 yr old girl from The Same State of Florida he Resides in.

lenny pozner

Lenny Pozner trolls 11 yr old girl online (Sick Man)
Way Back Link for proof

Lenny Pozner isn't shy to make it be known that he's a child predator. Check out his affiliation with his sock account "Arie Fique" after the fact. He exploited children on that account.
Way Back Link For Proof

Lenny's mental instability has made him into The New Adam Lanza

Lenny frames innocent man on Fiverr to make fake slanderous video of a Man he's stalking.

Lenny is a cyber troll playing victim to get donations.

Screenshot from man he duped

Still want to send this man your donations?

"Honr Network" Donations hard at work slandering a man who is NOT a Sandy Hook Truther

Two men who went deep inside Lenny's Honr Network Expose his tactics

Lenny Frames Man as a Pedophile

The content above was a little snippet, of the 1000's of crimes Lenny has committed online. For more crimes, visit the links below

Lenny Pozner’s Honr Network Exploits 11 Year Old Girl

Lenny Pozner & Honr Network Dox & Harass Innocent Man (Santino Freda) as “Jeff Dryden.”

Mentally Ill Cyber Troll Lenny Pozner Slanders and Stalks Felix Pantaleon & His Family

Lenny Pozner of Honr Network Accuses Innocent Man of Rape & Murder

Christopher Sebastian Bently Stalked & Slandered by Mentally Ill Man Lenny Pozner

Writers and New’s Publications Gaslighting Behavior of Leonard Pozner/Lenny Pozner

Lenny Pozner (Sandy Hook Father) is Using Mentally Ill Man Doug Maguire To Death Threat & Run Slander Websites For Him Online

Lenny Pozner Frames Fiverr User Into Making Slanderous Video

BUYER BEWARE: Inmotion Hosting Promotes Cyber Terrorism and Harassment

If you have been a victim of this mentally deranged man, contact his local police department (Boca Raton) at

Lenny is notorious for raging online and death threatening people. He comments then deletes them, where people can only see them in their notifications. Lenny is a ticking time bomb